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 Boris Hristov Boris Hristov

Boris Hristov

Nationality: Bulgarian

Boris Kirilov Hristov is contemporary Bulgarian poet and novelist.

He has graduated high school in Pernik and Bulgarian philology in Veliko Tarnovo University “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” (1970). He has worked as a teacher in Pernik (1971-1972), as well as journalist and editor.

He is the author of the books  Evening Trumpet, poems (1977, 1979) and Cross My Heart, poems (1982), of the novel The Father of the Egg (1987) and the short novels The Blind Dog (1987), The Valley of the Shoes and Death Spots (1990), of the collections of three-line poems Words and Graphites (1987), Words upon Other Words (1994), and Black Letters on a Black Page (1997), of the mythographies Stone Book (2006), Book of Silence (2008), and A Book of Titles (2008).

He wrote the screenplays of the feature films The Rabbit’s Death (1982) and The Father of the Egg (1991) as well as many screenplays for documentaries and animated films, including: I’m Dreaming of Music, The Name of My Wind, Everything Speaks to Me, The Green House, Through the Soul, and The Veda Slovena Enigma

He is the editor and compiler of the anthologies Bulgarian Lyrical Poetry, Bulgarian Folk Lyrical Poetry (1994), Bulgarian Short Stories, Folk Oral Writings (1995) and Veda Slovena (1997), the epic (considered to be a mystification)  of the Bulgarian Muslims of the Western Rhodope mountains.

He was awarded Sofia University’s Grand Prize for Lifetime Achievement for 2000.

The writer Lubomir Kanov says about him: “His poems… are born solely by the sincerity in the poet’s soul”.

As a representative of the contemporary Bulgarian literature his works are studied in the Literature of 12th grade in the Bulgarian high schools.