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 José Ortega y Gasset

José Ortega y Gasset

Nationality: Spanish

José Ortega y Gasset was born May 9, 1883 in Madrid. His father was director of the newspaper "El Imparcial", which belonged to the family of his mother, Dolores Gasset. The family was definitively of Spain's end-of-the-century liberal and educated bourgeoisie. The liberal tradition and journalistic engagement of his family had a profound influence in Ortega y Gasset's activism in politics. He was named numerary professor of Psychology, Logic and Ethics at the Escuela Superior del Magisterio de Madrid; in October 1910 he was granted the Chair (Cátedra) in Metaphysics of the Complutense University, empty since the death of Nicolás Salmerón."Ortega led the republican intellectual opposition under the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera (1923-1930), and he played a role in the overthrow of King Alfonso XIII in 1931. Elected deputy for the province of León in the constituent assembly of the second Spanish republic, he was the leader of a parliamentary group of intellectuals know as La Agrupación al servicio de la república ("In the service of the republic") and was named civil governor of Madrid. Such a commitment obliged him to leave Spain at the outbreak of the Civil War, and he spent years of exile in Argentina and Europe. He settled in Portugal in 1945 and began to make visits to Spain. In 1948 he returned to Madrid and founded the Institute of Humanities, at which he lectured.