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 Peter James and Nick Thorpe Peter James and Nick Thorpe

Peter James and Nick Thorpe

Nationality: British

Peter James is a British author and historian specialising in ancient history and archeology of the Eastern Mediterranean region. He graduated in ancient history and archeology at the University of Birmingham (England) and does postgraduate research at University College London. James has advanced several controversial theories about the chronology of Mediterranean civilizations, the Middle East, and Egypt. His theories are not generally accepted by mainstream historians or Egyptologists. In his best known work, Centuries of Darkness, he challenges the traditional chronology of mainstream archeology. In particular, he advances the idea that the Greek Dark Ages never occurred, arising solely from a misreading of key elements of Egyptian history. This theory is in part a revision of Immanuel Velikovsky's rejected "Revised Chronology" but is argued from sound archeological principles.Ongoing criticism and discussion of the evidence is listed on the authors' own website. James has also hypothesized about the location of Atlantis. By first claiming that references to mythological Tartarus by Plato were in fact meant to identify a Lydian king by the same name, he goes on to identify Atlantis with a hypothetical lost temple city called Tantalis, corresponding to modern-day Manisa in Turkey.

Nick Thorpe is an award-winning writer and journalist. A contributor to the Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Scotsman and BBC Radio 4 among others, he has covered stories ranging from Russian presidential elections to the coca wars of Bolivia, for which he was shortlisted for the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism Born in 1970, Nick grew up near London and has lived for more than a decade in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife Ali. His obsessions include Six Feet Under, the meaning of existence and things that float.