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 Dr. Lyuben Vitanov, Lilyana Dvoryanova

Dr. Lyuben Vitanov, Lilyana Dvoryanova

Nationality: Bulgarian

Associate Professor Lyuben Vitanov, PhD, is lecturer at the St Kliment Ohridski Sofia University. He gives courses of lectures on the methodology of training in techniques and technologies, in innovative and non-traditional methods and strategies of training, in methodology of training and upbringing during the lesson of the class of students, etc. He is in charge of a team, which has developed the state educational requirements and school curricula in home lifestyle and technology. Lyuben Vitanov heads and takes part in projects for training of kids and schoolchildren in science and technology (France), the Lega Dacta educational curricula (Denmark), Work with Talents in the Sphere of Science and Technology (Bulgaria), Entrepreneurship Training (USA). He is chairman of the national board of the I Know and I Can competition; the author of systems of upbringing in kindergartens and in primary schools, as well as of numerous textbooks and school aids, released by the Prosveta [Enlightenment] Publishing House.