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The Bruno's Dreams

The Bruno's Dreams

Author: Iris Murdoch

ISBN: 954-8440-26-1
Category: Novels and poetry
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13х20, Pages: 224, Weight: 175 g

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"...Does it really matter what he has experienced now, when everything is over, he asked himself. Everything is a dream, Bruno thought; one lives his life in a dream, everything is too cruel. Death denounces deduction. There is not ‘the thing' lending meaning to the whole. There is only the dream, its structure and substance, and finally we just go into another dream, a shadow in the shadow; we wane, and wane... That dream, so much his own, would end at one point and will disappear and no one would ever understand what that dream had actually been. All the efforts he had put in to build his personality seemed just vanity, now when they had no purpose. He had worked so persistently to study German, and Italian. Now all seemed to him to be just vanity, the wish to impress someone at a point, which never came; to be successful so that people would admire him".

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