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The Wisdom of the World

The Wisdom of the World

Author: Ingrid Holzhausen

ISBN: 954-320-034-3
Category: Philosophy
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14х21, Pages: 288, Weight: 250 g

Price: 10.00 lv

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What is the connection between the ancient Chinese and the German mystics, the Tibetans, and the Indians? The traditions of separate cultures are united by the question as to the place of Man in the Universe, the meaning of life. The author leads the reader on a captivating and enriching voyage in time and space, across the continents and through thousands of years of history. The book contains all the most important mythical, religious, poetical, and philosophic texts, which have a convincing impact by their spiritual profundity and verbal grace. The correspondence between the worldviews of people of separate cultural communities stands out most forcefully by the often strikingly modern intonation of these texts. From Idzin through the Bhagavad Gita to the Farewell Sermon of the prophet Mohammed: a real treasury of wisdom, eternal insights, and gems of human thought.

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