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Historical Doubts

Historical Doubts

Author: Professor, Doctor of history, Andrei Pantev

ISBN: 978-954-320-104-4
Category: History
Cover: Hardcover, Format: 15x23, Pages: 200, Weight: 332 g

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The main doubt the author expresses in this thematically united collection of essays concerns the ability of contemporary people to assess the past, more specifically the degree of their capacity. Every history carries a load of inherited stereotypes. It is always perceived through the prism of current times. This insurmountable limitation refers not only to the moral justifications, the national-political biases or the professional abilities of historians. Often traditional characteristics in historiography resemble canonic decrees in their imperative one-sidedness. But a balanced view in all directions and to all layers of the historical process can help us form a skeptical attitude towards these imperatives, at least as a principle of equity and attention towards all. If we adopt such a multi-variant approach, we will come to strange surprises. We will above all surmise there may be several true explanations of one and the same historical process. For oftentimes different events and phenomena have different consequences for the destinies of different people.

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