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Alone on the Road Іst Grade Pulils

Alone on the Road Іst Grade Pulils

Author: Magdalina Dermendjieva

ISBN: 954-844-044-X
Cover: Paperback, Format: 20х29, Pages: 20

Price: 3.00 lv

Votes: 3

Approved as a school aid by protocol No. 14 of Nov. 14, 2000, of the Ministry of Education and Science Halo, you, first-grader! Now you are at an age when you want to be on your own on the road, taking part in traffic. This wish is completely natural. Going to school is a new step to your independence. What is important for you know is to act correctly in each and every situation when you are on the road. The new school aid On Your Own on the Road will help you in this respect by explaining the traffic regulations. It will accompany you throughout the whole school year. We wish you much joy and successes in your studies of traffic safety. We would be gratified when you apply independently in practical situations as a member of equal rights in traffic what you have been shown and you have learnt.

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