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History of the Crusades

History of the Crusades

Author: Jean Richard

ISBN: 954-320-048-3
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 558, Weight: 653 g

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Price: 18.00 lv

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Two centuries of warfare are described in this book, illuminated by the flames of battle between the Cross and the Crescent. Starting from 1095, when pope Urban II launched the First Crusade, and reaching 1291 when the last stronghold of the crusaders, the fortress of Acre, fell to the enemy, the French historian Jean Richard has traced the course of clashes and battles, highlighted the images of religious and secular leaders, followed the steps of thousands of Christians inspired by the mission of liberating the Holy Land and the Holy Sepulcher from the infidels. With the skill of an erudite specialist in medieval history, the author has sought for the religious, political, economic, and social dimensions of these turbulent events, the ambivalent motives of various social strata caught up in the crusades, the consequences of the contact of the West with the culture and worldview of the Orient. For some a saga of Faith triumphant and heroism, for others a time of darkness and destructive incursions, this episode of the Middle Ages, which marked Bulgarian history as well, left a permanent trace in the way of thought and the subsequent course of development of the world.

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