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Russian Cooking

Russian Cooking

Author: G. Howard Poteet

ISBN: 9548514079
Category: Others
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14х20, Pages: 93, Weight: 80 g

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Like all national cuisines, Russian cooking is a set of technological means and culinary traditions but also a selection of typical foods together with the specific ways for preparing them, a distinct national style that has developed over the centuries. What is essential to every national cuisine is not only the choice of foods but the small technological details of cooking them that determine the specific taste, consistency, and flavour of a traditional dish. The traditional Russian luncheon begins with appetizers. Then soup or shtchi is served, borsch or razsolnik. The main dish follows, which is of meat, fish, vegetables. For dessert various sweets are served: kissel, fruits preserved in syrup, jelly.

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