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A Brief History of Spain

A Brief History of Spain

Author: Fernando Garcia de Cortázar, José Manuel González Vesga

ISBN: 954-320-028-9
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 576, Weight: 690 g

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Spain is a country that is the object of exceptional interest and admiration among people from all over the world. Its Mediterranean landscape attracts millions of tourists. Yet the true Spain remains concealed behind clichés that are persistently repeated abroad and sometimes by the Spaniards themselves, depicting the country as a gay combination of sun, bullfighting, flamenco dancing and dark-haired beauties. The authors dispel these clichés and create a realistic image, examining and explaining the events and vicissitudes behind four thousand years of history. They unravel the strands of history out of which the tableau of present-day Spain has been woven. They have written its history with a wide scope on politics, the economy, the culture, the personalities and societies of the Pyrenean peninsula from the Neolithic Era to the accession of the country to the Eurozone; this is a captivating book written in a rich and metaphorical style.

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