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Phillip II of Macedonia

Phillip II of Macedonia

Author: Prof. Jean-Nicolas Corvisier

ISBN: 954-320-022-1
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14x21, Pages: 318, Weight: 283 g

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Though eclipsed by the fame of his son Alexander the Great, Philip II of Macedonia (c. 382 B.C. - c. 336 B.C.) has gone down in history as a great statesman and military leader. In just a quarter of a century he turned Macedonia into a powerful state, doubled the territory of the country, enhanced its military, diplomatic, and economic power. He achieved what had till then seemed impossible, the unification of Greece. In this way his country served as a crossroads and a mediator between the ancient Greek world, the Balkan Peninsula, and the Asiatic states. He was killed when preparing to carry out his great ambition, the conquest of the Persian Empire of Darius III. Thus Philip in fact created the conditions for the subsequent rise of Alexander and opened the way to the future Roman conquests that carved the future of Europe for the next thousand years. Jean-Nicolas Corvisier's book is based on abundant sources and historical literature; the author is a PhD in literature and a professor in ancient history. The book also traces the personal life of the statesman, which was entirely subordinated to his supreme goals and to the difficult and fateful mission allotted him by fate.

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