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The Fountainhead Never Dries Up. The Mysteries of Winter

The Fountainhead Never Dries Up. The Mysteries of Winter

Author: Lozinka Jordanova

ISBN: 954320019
Category: Social Sciences
Cover: Paperback, Format: 18,5х21,5 см., Pages: 24, Weight: 50 g

Price: 3.00 lv

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The autumn, trimmed in gold lace, has relinquished its power to the white winter. The first snow is here. It's winter! Winter comes with the icy tales of the North Wind, who has piled up snowdrifts waist-deep. Coming down from the far North, waving his long hair hoary with icicles, he stops with heavy breath in the chimneys and makes the nights seem more mysterious, more enticing. The warm rooms with granny's colorful fiery-red hand-woven rugs, shelter people who, with their minds and ears, create an inimitable art. The spindles are buzzing, the looms are thumping over and over, the shuttles are whistling back and forth beneath the nimble fingers. During the long winter evenings the playful grandchildren would come to rest after a boisterous day of play in the snow and enter a different world, the world of tales. They would listen to stories, sometimes invented by granny or granddaddy, about wonderful events in times recent or long past. The popular holidays in winter were strung together one after the other like a pearl necklace, and each seemed more wonderful than the other. Let us lend an ear to the icy tale of the North wind about the mysteries of winter and its magical holidays!

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