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Serguey Essenine

Serguey Essenine

Author: Stanislav Kouniaev, Serguey Kouniaev

ISBN: 978-954-320-177-8
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14x21, Pages: 664, Weight: 800 g

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Price: 24.00 lv

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Stanislav Kunyaev and Sergey Kunyaev present the reader with a completely different biography of the outstanding Russian poet, a book with no underlying ideological dogmas. Leaning on an enormous amount of previously inaccessible archival documents, the authors trace certain plots in the life of the poet that have so far been passed over in silence: Esenin and Trotsky, Esenin and Stalin, Esenin and the royal family - the Romanovs. His relations with Zinaida Raikh, with Isidora Duncan and the other women in his life are presented in a new and convincing light, as likewise his role in the growth of Russian nationalism in the 1920s. His sojourns abroad have not been overlooked, nor the truth about his tragic end. Gradually, without leaving things unsaid and without distortion, the two biographers reveal the true image of a man who became a legend of Russian literature, the popular and beloved poet who traveled a hard and uneven road in his life and work.

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