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Ivan Pavlov. Exploring the animal machine

Ivan Pavlov. Exploring the animal machine

Author: PhD. Daniel Todes

ISBN: 978-954-320-185-3
Category: Biographies
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16x23, Pages: 112, Weight: 165 g

Price: 9.50 lv

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The Russian academician Ivan Pavlov, one of the outstanding men of science of the 20th century, was called the "elder of world physiological science" even in his lifetime. His research was of major importance for the development of physiology, medicine, psychology and pedagogy. "How does such a complex system work?" This was the question Pavlov was continuously asking himself with regard to animals and humans. In seeking an answer to this enigma, he abandoned his vocation as priest and devoted himself to the remarkable experiments that revealed the physiology of circulation and digestion, the mechanisms of conditional reflexes and brain activity. To this day the saliva-secreting dogs in Pavlov's laboratory are emblematic for the conditional reflex; they have gone beyond the field of science and become a permanent part of popular imagery. Pavlov's views, work, discoveries and contribution received well-merited recognition, and in 1904 he was awarded the Nobel Prize. Lenin and the Soviet government also respected him. This biography by Daniel Todes, a teacher of history of science, medicine, and technology at John Hopkins University, is a story about the life of a dreamer, a brilliant experimenter, who believed in the capacity of science to penetrate and explain human nature, but also to change the world and all of us for the better.

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