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The baroque culture

The baroque culture

Author: Prof. Jose Antonio Maraval

ISBN: 978-954-320-183-9
Category: Social Sciences
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A representative of the post-war generation, the Spanish historian Jose Antonio Maravall (1911-1986) was one of the few scholars of his time to overcome the intellectual isolation in which the academic world of Franco's Spain found itself. Maravall's research interests were focused on the history of mentality in the time of transition from Renaissance to Modernity. He was the author of more than a hundred scholarly works, among which Spanish Theory of the State During the 17th Century, Ancient and Modern, The Idea of Progress in the Initial Development of Society, The Modern State and Social Mentality (15th -17th Centuries), Utopia and Reformism in Habsburg Spain. The book Culture of the Baroque is devoted to the question that occupied its author throughout his academic career. Although often drawing examples and arguments from the world of art and literature, it does not deal with Baroque as a concept of the history of art, but analyzes it as a separate historical age, localized in Western Europe and reaching its climax in the first half of the 17th century. The author has studied the Baroque as a way of thinking reflected in art, as a form of interaction between Man and culture in a society undergoing intense crisis. Jose Antonio Maravall has convincingly demonstrated that, besides being a cultural phenomenon, Baroque was a political model for managing culture, inculcating mass tastes and cultural needs that catered to the modern state.

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