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Paradoxical happiness

Paradoxical happiness

Author: Prof. Gilles Lipovetsky

ISBN: 978-954-320-178-5
Category: Philosophy
Cover: Paperback, Format: 14х21, Pages: 376, Weight: 400 g

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Gilles Lipovetsky, the world famous French philosopher and sociologist (born in 1944), the author of Hypermodern Times, this time dedicates his investigation to a phenomenon, born in the past two decades, viz. the society of hyper-consumption. The definition, most suitable to the individual at the dawn of the 21st century, seems to be Homo consumericus. The striving for better conditions of existence, for higher quality of life, for more numerous and stronger emotional experiences is becoming increasingly more frantic. Man is increasingly more unpredictable in his desires, tastes and purchases. The consumerist spirit has permeated the attitude to the family and to religion, to politics and culture, to leisure time. Consumerism seems to be developing into an independent empire, whose confines have no bounds. And yet, is Homo consumericus happy? In an interview, to the question "Wherein does paradoxical happiness find expression", Lipovetsky answers: "Hedonism, consumerism promises pleasures, an escape; this is a society pushing to happiness, but what has been actually observed is growing restlessness, worries, daily dissatisfaction. Herein is the paradox: the more people run to happiness, the more intensively the complains and dissatisfaction multiply." Probably because in the words of Schopenhauer, the satisfaction of our wishes that society can offer resembles the alms given to the beggar today, and they are just enough for him to survive until tomorrow, and to go hungry again.

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