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World Geography

World Geography

Author: Jean-Claude Barreau et Guillaume Bigot

ISBN: 978-954-320-207-2
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16x23, Pages: 304, Weight: 420 g

Price: 14.00 lv

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After History of the World [.......] (Riva Publishers, 2006), whose success was doubtless, university lecturers Jean-Claude Barreau and Guillaume Bigot accepted a new challenge: to compress the entire geography of mankind within a comparatively small book. In the dynamic world of today people are traveling with ever growing eagerness. Photos, taken from high up in the sky or from Outer Space, are flooding us from all sides. But so that the journeys may be complete, so that the amazing pictures of the magnificent photos could be properly interpreted, one should have just some knowledge of geography. And precisely this is the objective of the authors. They offer to the readers fundamental knowledge and guidelines, which are meant to return their passion for geography and to enable them to read the Earth as an open book, full of meaning, of the kind of the beautiful atlases of our forerunners with their faded colours and mysterious maps. Only them would the traveler be able to catch the spirit and the true look of the place he is visiting rather than accepting it as a specially appointed stage setting. In their piece of work the two Frenchmen combine physical and human geography; contained in their descriptions is quite a lot of history, because geography and history are inseparable. By their attractive World Geography they address kind of an invitation for a journey: not a tourist one, but a true journey, spotted with free commentaries and enriching, a journey opening up the senses and helping to see beyond the flashy post cards and noisily advertised sights.

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