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History of Prague

History of Prague

Author: Prof. Bernard Michel

ISBN: 978-954-320-235-5
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16х23, Pages: 368, Weight: 505 g

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Golden Prague, Prague of the one hundred towers, the magic city - numerous are the definitions of the Czech capital city and they all reveal its irresistible charm. Rulers had taken their turns in its rich and eventful history: the Premysl Dynasty, Charles IV, the Jagelons, and Habsburgs.... Lay and religious authorities have left their characteristic imprints. To come to the independence in 1918, the period between the two world wars, when the city became established as an economic, financial and cultural hub; the Prague uprising; then the years of totalitarianism and finally back to the civilized democratic world. Bernard Michel, a university lecturer in history of Central Europe, has not passed by unregistered a single major period. Very much Czech and, at the same time, cosmopolitan, Prague is captivating with the layers of its past it has preserved; with its Gothic and Baroque architecture, with Hradcany and St Vitus Cathedral, with the Charles University and Charles Bridge, with the coffee houses keeping the memory of their famous patrons and awakening the irresistible desire to come here again and again and to plunge into the city's unique atmosphere.

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