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The seventy great misteries of the natural world

The seventy great misteries of the natural world

Author: Prof. Michael J. Benton

ISBN: 9789543202317
Category: Social Sciences
Cover: Hardcover, Format: 20,5x26,5, Pages: 304, Weight: 1335 g

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Revelation of the mysteries of our planet.... We have never before been so clearly aware of the need to understand our planet and the life existing on it. Almost every day we are reading about or personally experiencing the major changes in the environment and nature around us. But what do we actually know about "the functioning" of the Earth and of life? What have we not learned yet? In this book more than 60 of the most outstanding scientists - from France and Germany to Italy and the Netherlands, from Britain and the USA to Australia - present to us the privilege of peeping into their vanguard explorations and discoveries. The seven parts of the book deal with the origins of our planet and of life: the internal and external activity of the Earth; the conception and evidence of evolution; the biogeography and the environment; plants and animals; animal behaviour; and the future. We travel to the core of the Earth, to the top on Mt Everest, from the bacteria living with no oxygen in the greatest depths of the ocean to the amazing way of communication of bees. We study the mysteries of movement and the animal migrations, the trials of living in the desert and how a great number of species manage to exist there. An extremely great number of problems have been dealt with. Have the dinosaurs been warm-blooded? Why the mammals dominate the world? Which is the greatest volcanic eruption for all times? How has the eye evolved? Why do we have five fingers on the hands and feet? Have the poles always been covered by snow? Are people the only animals having consciousness? Which is the largest living thing - the whale, a sequoia, or a mushroom? What will happen to the climate in future? With amazing illustrations, and extreme topicality, the book The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Natural World shows the future of our species and of the planet.

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