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The History of the American People

The History of the American People

Author: Paul Johnson

ISBN: 9548440768
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 17,5х24,5, Pages: 1126, Weight: 1200 g

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Price: 40.00 lv

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The author of numerous books, among which Modern Times, The History of the Jews, and others, Johnson is one of the most readable authors in the sphere of scholarly literature. The outstanding British historian follows thoroughly and with a feeling for the specific the evolution of the United States from the settlement of the continent to date. He interprets developments and processes and gives an original and non-standard description of individuals. The lively narration, dotted with numerous quotations from letters and diaries of witnesses, makes the book pleasant to read and intriguing, abounding in facts and serving as a reliable source of knowledge.

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