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Distant star

Distant star

Author: Roberto Bolaño

ISBN: 978-054-320-401-4
Category: Novels and poetry
Cover: Paperback, Format: 12х20, Pages: 176

Price: 14.00 lv

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The narrator met this man for the first time in 1971 or 1972, when the president of Chile is Salvador Allende. At that time he presents himself as Ruiz-Tagle. Inaccessible and cautious like a cat, he is sneaking in the literary circles of the university in the city of Concepcion.

He writes equally inaccessible and cautious verses, he tempts the women and causes disturbing distruct in men. He sees him again after the military coup in the days when young eighteen-year poets face their sudden, bloody maturity. But then, the narrator still doesn't suspect that the pilot named Vader, had written Biblical verses in the sky with the smoke of his little airplane, and the poet-amateur Ruiz-Tagle is the same person.

Biblical verses reach the prisoners, but not the twins Garmendiya - 2 poets, tempted and then betrayed by him...

The many branches of the story, the mythology and the literary situation reveal gradually to the reader the contradictiory actions of an impostor (but aren't we all impostors at some point in our lives?), a man of many names but no moral, which one and only value is the aesthetics (isn't that the ambition of every artist?), a killer, a devotee of the horror and fear, a photographer, a barbarian artist, brought his works to extreme deadly incarnations.

Chilean novelist and poet Roberto Bolaño (1953 - 2003) is among the Latin American writers without whom the contemporary literature would not be the same. Some of his published works are: the collection of essays Between Parentheses, the collections of short stories Phone Calls,  The Insupportable Gaucho, the novelsDistant starAmuletMonsiur PainBy Night in Chile, AntwerpThe Savage Detectives (which was awarded the "Eraldo" and "Romulo" awards) and 2666.

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