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The Greeks, the Land and the People since the War

The Greeks, the Land and the People since the War

Author: Prof. James Pettifer

ISBN: 954-001-233
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 13х20, Pages: 220, Weight: 200 g

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James Pettifer is a historian and a journalist born in England in 1949. He has ample knowledge about the Balkan Peninsula and has been covering developments in the region for the most prestigious British newspapers, radio and TV. A lecturer at Oxford. The object of the study is present-day Greece and its post-war history. The fundamental problems of Greek politics, the complicated inter-ethnic relations and the Macedonian problem that has cropped up during the past few years have been analysed. The author tells about the natural scenery, the language and culture, and the romantic ideas that the ordinary tourist has about Greece. Family relations, the status of women, the influence and the contradictory visions about the Greek Orthodox Church, the novelties in agriculture and in the world of modern business have been described with great skill and expertness.

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