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Historical Question Marks

Historical Question Marks

Author: Professor, Doctor of history, Andrei Pantev

ISBN: 954-844-091-1
Category: History
Cover: Paperback, Format: 16x23, Pages: 366, Weight: 446 g

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History is above all a warning. If there are any lessons in it, they carry that healthy pessimism which gives people immunity against illusions. It is more valuable than the deceitful wonders of the theatrical or pre-conceived optimism. It is very easy, from the standpoint of the historical distance, to judge what had been an error, a deceit or a crime in the past. But it is very hard, from the standpoint of that same experience, to judge what of our current deeds and undertakings would be appreciated, when viewed through the eyes of the future generations. The numerous answers to historical queries here do not give rise to ambiguity or boredom. They carry the reasonable balance built, standing on which is the great diversity of the world. Yes, indeed, balance is the word denoting the mystery on which the world rests. But it is also the most ruinous setback in the Bulgarian national virtues. If we fail to achieve it, what awaits us is indifference.

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