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Sveti and Fartsho. Playbook

Sveti and Fartsho. Playbook

Author: Team of Authors

ISBN: 978-954-320-095-5
Cover: Paperback, Format: 20.4х25.8, Pages: 24

Price: 3.50 lv

Votes: 4

The school aid on traffic safety A Booklet of Games with Sveti[Light] and Farcho [Traffic Light] for a training group has been written in conformity with the modern parameters of the educational system for the obligatory pre-schooling in the modern realities. It features the foundation laying, key ideas of the preschool theory and practice in almost all the educational trends, which are being integrated with the objectives of the culture and the traffic safety of the small pedestrians. A Booklet of Games with Sveti [Light] and Farcho [Traffic Light] presents original solutions in combining informative with the regulative and reflective function of orientation in a traffic situation. The forms and methods of work with the school aid represent an up-to-date system of means of play-and-learn interaction, according to the requirements of the traffic safety programme. The work with the school aid on traffic safety A Booklet of Games with Sveti and Farcho of the Riva Publishers is easy and agreeable to children and teachers. This school aid has been approved by Order No. RD 09-317/05.03.007, of the Minister of Education and Science.

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